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PDI supported Local Capacity Development in Vietnam

From an International NGO to a Local NGO:
Building Capacity at the National Level

PDI has officially been working in Vietnam since 1983, in collaboration with local NGOs and the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Health, and with support from several international donors including AusAID, the Summit Foundation, the McKnight Foundation and the Australian Family Planning Association. Understanding the importance of developing local capacity in Vietnam, PDI converted its field office in Hanoi into a local non-governmental organization in 2005, and continues to provide technical guidance and support to the newly formed entity called S-CODE or the Center for Sustainable Community Development. By supporting the growth and self-reliance of S-CODE, PDI has sparked a new indigenous organization which, as a local endeavor, can reach a greater number of communities and support advocacy issues from a local perspective. Through PDI's support, S-CODE will enhance the capacity of Vietnamese NGO's self-reliance and accountability, overall supporting the country's development. Currently, some donors who supported programs through PDI Hanoi have continued their support through S-CODE.

As S-CODE develops their initial plan as a not-for-profit, non-governmental, non-political organization with a plan of action, PDI continues to guide them with technical inputs. Ensuring S-CODE is established with the capacity to plan, carry out programs and be held accountable, PDI has successfully gone from an international NGO operating in Vietnam to a local NGO which enhances the development of Vietnam's national endeavors from a local perspective.
S-CODE staff and volunteers in Hanoi


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