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If you are interested in supporting PDI's programs, donations can be made online via Paypal, or checks can be sent directly to:

Population and Development International
c/o Jerry Blakeley
179 Sandy Pond Road
Lincoln, MA 01773



Impact of a $10 Donation

This contribution can be used to invest in a Village Development Bank in one of the many villages that PDI works with through the Village Development Partnership. Shares are purchased in a locally-operated bank, which facilitates micro loans to villagers who don't have suitable collateral for a loan from a commercial bank. These loans foster economic self-sufficiency, as villagers are able to start up small businesses, such as food stalls, and improve their agricultural capabilities by purchasing farm equipment (tractors, rice mills, etc.)


Rice Mill Purchased by a Village Development Bank

Impact of a $20 Donation

Deforestation has been a major problem for quite some time in Southeast Asia. A small contribution of $20 can be used to purchase approximately 60 tree saplings to be planted by rural villagers in their community. This has the dual effect of beautifying the area as well as promoting environmental awareness within the village.


Tree-Planting in progress

Impact of a $30 Donation

Children often lack the basic necessities for schools such as money for nutritious lunches, text books, and school uniforms. If their family cannot afford to send them to school, children as young as 13 are often forced to work in factories so their families will have a supplemental income. A donation of $30 will help provide much-needed scholarships to send a child to school for one semester.


Rural Children are Grateful for Scholarship

Impact of a $100 Donation

The NGOs that PDI works with continuously conduct training seminars with rural youth and adults on a variety of subjects from HIV/AIDS awareness to the fundamentals of establishing a Village Toy Library to promote philanthropy amongst children. A generous contribution of $100 will assist in providing the necessary logistics to conduct an all-day training seminar at a rural center.


Youth Workshop on How to Establish a Village Toy Library

Impact of a Large-Scale Donation

Whether you are a company, organization, or individual interested in a revolutionary partnership with a rural village to implement a plan for long-term sustainability, PDI has utilized the Village Development Partnership model to empower poor communities for over 22 years. Please contact the PDI Chairman directly at mechai@pda.or.th if you are interested.


PDI can Establish a Sponsorship between a Village and a Company, Organization, or Individual

PDI is a 501(C)(3) organization based in the United States committed to eradicating poverty worldwide