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The emergency effort is practically over, yet many thousands of local Thai villagers, small fishermen and farmers have lost their homes and livelihood. They need technical and financial assistance and skills training to enable them to be self sufficient in the short and long term. We firmly believe that post-crisis relief and rehabilitation activities should be initiated now in order to ensure a healthy future for the survivors of this disaster.

We urge you to consider helping us to return their lives to normalcy. PDI will work with and through its local partner in Thailand, PDA, and that entity’s emergency relief arm --- the Community Based Emergency Relief Services (CBERS), to implement reconstruction activities in the provinces of Krabi and Phang Nga, which were among the hardest hit by the Asian tsunami.

Our aim is to ensure that:
• pre-tsunami livelihoods are resurrected
• clean drinking water and sanitary conditions are restored within the affected communities
• sustainable economic benefit is delivered to communities
• skills-training and micro-credit initiatives are supported to help create new livelihoods
• health and education of the communities will recover to pre-tsunami levels
• long term psychological health for victims and their families will improve
• negative environmental impacts will be mitigated through educational programs

PDI - PDA/CBERS will concentrate on the post-crisis activities that are required for communities to put their lives together and return, as much as possible, to normality. PDA/CBERS have been active in providing relief to crisis-stricken areas ever since thousands of Cambodian refugees fled to Thailand from the rule of the Khmer Rouge in the late 1970s.


PDI - PDA/CBERS can best carry out the project in the Krabi and Phang Nga province because PDA/CBERS already have a development center and some staff in place. The project will be implemented in 80 villages, covering approximately 80,000 people. If funding is sufficient we can expand this relief effort into the other province. Our emphasis will be on the poorest people and smallest village businesses in these communities and those not reached by the currently-planned government relief programs.

We will place emphasis on a community-based approach where community members play a key role in the planning and implementation of the activities. Project monitoring and evaluation will be performed by the PDA staff. Collaboration with other NGOs and concerned government departments will maximize the effectiveness of the entire program.

Starting immediately, the activities will be (order does not necessarily indicate priority):

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