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International Trainings and Seminars: ACPD
With over 27 years of experience, the Asian Center for Population and Community Development, ACPD, is the international training arm of PDA and PDI. ACPD was founded on the expectation that by sharing PDI-PDA’s experiences, other NGOs will have the opportunity to meet their challenges and strengthen their public health responses. From the beginning, ACPD’s mission was to offer training programs for low-income countries on how to improve and strengthen their public health performance using integrated community-based responses. ACPD believes in training NGOs on how to build sustainable solutions by sharing PDI-PDA’s hands-on development approach using appropriate technology and current methods. The courses are based on the successes of PDI-PDA and are aimed at strengthening the long-term viability of the NGO sector in Asia and around the globe.

ACPD is dedicated to providing training courses which enhance local capacity development as well as strengthening governmental responses. The Institute has delivered training courses and workshops on many diverse areas. In some cases, the Institute partners with local resources, such as professors from the Sasin Graduate School of Business Administration at Chulalongkhorn University, to deliver training on income generation for NGOs.

In other cases, the Institute may partner with the PDI-PDA health clinic and local hospitals to offer training on establishing additional medical services, such as x-ray mobile vans. Following are some of the areas ACPD has provided training on in recent years:

• Community-based development approach of family planning
• Health awareness and prevention
• Income generation
• Environmental conservation
• HIV/AIDS stigma and discrimination responses
• Designing emergency relief responses
• Youth and democracy
• NGO Financial Sustainability and Business Initiatives
• Developing Women’s Micro-credit programs
• Provincial Electricity Issues and Planning
• Rural Business Initiatives
• Training of Trainers

Past participants include more than 4,000 people representing 50 different countries.

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