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Forestry and Environmental Protection

Growing trees for the Village Bank

PDI - PDA focuses on building awareness of how communities can influence their social condition through sustainable environmental activities. PDI - PDA believes the notion that by focusing on environmentally sustainable activities, barriers to economic success can be removed within these communities, thereby empowering their residents. The genius behind integrated development projects is that they recognize the complex interconnectedness of a person’s health, the health of his or her environment, and their ability to generate income, taking advantage of this interconnectedness.

The main focus of PDI - PDA’s forestry and environmental programs is to generate funds to be used in community development projects, by planting trees in degraded forest land. For each tree planted and sold, funds are earned, reinvested and saved. With management guidance from PDI - PDA, the funds are saved in the Village Bank; a community micro-credit loan where residents can collectively save funds earned which then allow the Bank to lend money for youth operated businesses.

Youth getting involved

Community members will be asked to generate savings and to buy some shares in the Village Bank. The Bank is managed by trained community members, comprised of 50% women, and supervised by PDI - PDA and a local bank. Prior to borrowing, villagers are encouraged to deposit savings and buy shares in the Bank. The children in the community watch as the trees mature, providing continuing protection.

For example:
# of trees Amount deposited to the Village Bank
1 40 Baht (around US $1.25)
10,000 400,000 Baht (around US $12,500)

PDI has created a model for development that has proven to be highly effective, not only according to our impact studies, but also by the enthusiastic embrace of the model by the local residents and officials, and their desire to take an active part in its proliferation. Children especially enjoy getting involved!


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