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It is now a generally accepted principle that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have a prominent role to play in advancing national and local social development goals. Nevertheless, each year thousands of NGOs close their doors or make dramatic cuts to their programs due to a rapid reduction in their traditional funding source: donor grants and donations. When the costs of an NGO’s core activities exceed the inflow of grants and donations, it is forced to either reduce the quantity and/or quality of its work or to find new sources of funds to cover the difference.

Reaching out to new donors with innovative fund-raising approaches is usually the first step. Redesigning program activities to include cost-recovery components is a second approach. A more recent alternative is for the NGO to “make money” through commercial ventures. The hallmarks of PDI - PDA’s work have been the innovative solutions it has found to solve problems of rural poor and the creativity of its leaders to finance and sustain its operations. By establishing businesses, PDI - PDA has found sustainable solutions to reduced donor funding. Because cooperation is a key to NGO successes globally, PDI - PDA offers international training programs on NGO Sustainability through the Asian Center for Population and Community Development (ACPD).

We have achieved a certain level of sustainability through its capacity to mobilize resources through business activities such as its world famous Cabbages & Condoms restaurants and resorts, rural factories, real estate, manufacturing, and medical services. At present, 70% of PDA’s operational costs are covered through the profits of its 16 businesses. PDA’s experience has proven that Asian NGO Sustainability has a profound impact on its ability to operate.

Additionally, PDA’s efforts to expand the results of NGO Sustainability, through training programs with the ACPD, 18 countries and 65 NGOs globally have been trained on how to respond to reduced donor funding: through the establishment of business.

Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant - Bangkok, Thailand


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